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You don’t need a Garmin anyway—there are free smartphone apps that work just swell. Plus you can listen to music, which you can’t do on a Garmin. :D

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Yep, there are free apps like adidas micoach that can give you that info… no need to shell out on a Garmin :) It even tracks wear and tear on your shoes and tells you when you should change them.
These all require me getting a smartphone + data plan, which is more expensive than a Garmin. :(

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  1. beyondconsulting said: Still got options that won’t require a cell phone or data plan… Once you have access to the internet, sign up at micoach.com, then run a known distance and keep track of your time. Enter the data on your PC and there ya go…
  2. buildingothersup said: Garmin is coming out with a forerunner 10. It’s $130. Pretty basic but does what you need. Maybe worth considering at the right time.
  3. ariavie said: You don’t need anything more than the stopwatch function on your regular watch when doing intervals. :) I’m with you on the phone thing. I have a Tracfone I use when traveling, but that’s it. Call my landline people :)
  4. betternikki said: Really, people. Not everyone can afford a smartphone & data plan. Some of us don’t even have texting.
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